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Manschaft IT

An Arya Group Company

Manschaft IT Pvt. Ltd.

Manschaft IT is an Arya Group Company. The Group is headed by Mr. Ravi Arya and it is primarily involved in Iron and Steel Industry. Arya Group is the pioneer of Ship Breaking in India and started it's operation since 1982. The Organisation started out as a small trading unit and has expanded manifold establishing itself as one of India's prominent corporate houses.

Manschaft IT the brain child of Mr. Nakul Arya and Mr. Moiz Patel was started in August of 2013 primarily to carted the groups IT requirement and now with our vast experience in this field we have expanded our offerings to our corporate clients around the globe.

The German word Mannschaft is used in terms of a team in sports or a crew of a ship. It is a kind of collective working together for achieving a common aim and thus being responsible for each other and that is exactly what we do at Manschaft IT.

Our Offerings

Our Services

We are an elite network product and solution provider with Active, Passive and Managed Networking services in India and abroad. We have long-standing relationships with all the major OEMs.

Cyber Security

We are a vendor ascendant Systems Integrator and provide Cyber Security Solutions in India and abroad. We are having established relationships with all the major OEMs in the industry.

IT Infra

We as a 360° IT Systems Integrator provide IT Infra products like Desktop/Laptop, Audio Video Conferencing, Printers & Scanners, UPS etc. from industry leading OEMs.

DC Infra

One of our core offerings is Data Center Infrastructure. This includes all types of Servers, Hyper-converged Solutions,Storage, Virtualisation, Backup, Archival, Various Sensors etc.

Cloud & Hosting

With the ever increasing requirement of cost effective, easy of access, highly reliable and secure data access more and more companies are moving towards the cloud.

Physical Security

Physical security is the protection from physical-actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to an organisation. This includes protection from fire, flood, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism etc..

Managed Services
Professional Services

Manschaft IT Pvt. Ltd. offers its customer various services in the form of Managed Services, Resident Engineer, On-Call Support, Project Management, Implementation and Post Implementation Support along with 24x7 NOC offering.

Turnkey Projects

Manschaft IT has been constantly providing comprehensive tailored Infrastructure Solutions to across all segments of the industry through services like,

  • In-House DC/Server Room

  • HVAC

  • Cooling Solution

  • Power and Electric Solution

  • Office Space Design and build

Services Testimonial

During our requirement of network revamp we had the privilege to work with Manschaft IT Team. The Expertise of Manschaft was amazingly good. Accurate knowledge and commitment from the team of Manschaft. Their work was truly professional.

MurtuzaBhai Badri,

Head IT Admin, Dawat-e-Hadiyah

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