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Managing & Maintaining IT Infrastructure in silos in an ineffective and costly affair. Also, corporate development often leads to regular and unplanned infrastructure upgrades resulting in difficult to manage mushroomed networks due to lack of regulation etc.

Organizations of the future need to build cost effective in-house Data Centers/Server Rooms.

Manschaft IT offers 360° complete Data Center solutions, which includes the following:

  • Designing and Building of Secure, Scalable, Energy Efficient Data Centers​

  • HVAC and Cooling Solutions

  • Power, UPS and other Electrical Solutions

  • Racks and Smart Rack Solutions

  • Active and Passive Networking Solutions

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions



























Our dedicated NoC, Data Center support & service team, along with the support of a service management ecosystem, provides round the clock support for your business processes, transactions and transformed data center environment.

Our data center service capabilities include:

  •          Cost Effective yet Secure Solutions

  •          Data Center’s designed and Implement to scale as per future requirement

  •          Customers across various industries

  •          Networks supported globally

  •          Server Virtualization Implementation

  •          Storage Solutions Implementation

  •          Server and Storage Optimization

  •          Increase business swiftness by supporting data center infrastructure with business goals

  •          Ensure data security, integrity, and reliability

  •          Optimize operational expenses by using MIPL NoC

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