Registered Office

Mumbai 44 Bank Street,30, Khatau Building, 2nd Floor, Fort Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001.

Branch Office

Mumbai - Unit 504, 5th Floor Avior Corporate Park, LBS Road, Mulund West, Maharashtra 400080

Contact Details - Tel. 022 - 4974 1695 | Email.

We are a Systems Integrator that provides network security solutions in India and abroad. We are having established relationships with all the major OEMs in the industry. To meet the ever-increasing security requirements of various organisations, we provide solutions in,

Perimeter Security                                                                               EndPoint Security


                                 UTM                                                                                                   Anti Virus\Malware



                                 Proxy Solutions                                                                                  Anti Ransomware






                            Content & Application Filtering                                                                2-Factor Authentication






                           Intrusion Prevention\Detection                                                                 Data Leak Prevention





                           Mobile Device Management                                                                    Data Encryption





Cyber Security is an organisation’s approach and requirements for ensuring the security of its data and assets. Cyber Security is demonstrated in an implementation of security hardware and software.

IT Policy - The IT Security Policy is the principle document for network security. Its aim is to outline the rule books for safeguarding the security of organisational data and assets.

Enforcement - Maximum definitions of network security is constricted to the implementation of a mechanism. Implementation disquiets analysing data flows and should intend to preserve the Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality, integrity of all data, systems and information on the network.

Auditing - The auditing process of network security requires checking back on enforcement measures to determine how well they have aligned with the security policy. Auditing encourages continuous improvement by requiring organisations to reflect on the implementation of their policy on a consistent basis. This gives organisations the opportunity to adjust their policy and enforcement strategy in areas of evolving need.

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